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Australia Games Jobs is the professional group for all working in the video games industry in Australia or all interested in moving to work in games in Australia. This is the forum to exchange ideas, help and advice on current topics and trends in jobs and careers within games in Australia. If you are a member of LinkedIn, you can now get together with over 3200 others who share the same interests.

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The Arcade: a capitalist commune of indie game development in Melbourne

The Melbourne-based co-working space for game developers, The Arcade, is opening to the public. The not-for-profit co-working space was created about a year ago with the help of the Game Developers’ Association of Australia (GDAA) the Victorian government, Film Victoria and Screen Australia, to service the growing number of independent game developers looking for space to work. Founding member Liam Esler says it’s the perfect opportunity for the public to check out some of the exciting projects a number of Melbourne game studios are working on. It’s also a great chance for indie game developers looking for office space to check out The Arcade.

Interactive Selection welcome new entertainment industry employers seeking key staff in 2014

Award winning Interactive SelectionAs the economic recovery continues, are you expanding your team in 2014? Hiring just one key role, quickly, can bring significant benefits.

Make use of an award winning global recruiter like Interactive Selection with 17 years of experience in the interactive entertainment sector across all territories to find that key member of your team speedily and with the minimum of fuss. Think of the role that will bring the most benefit to the company but is the most challenging to source. This is where we make our living. With no upfront fee, it is our job to respond successfully to your critical needs.

The strength of our offering in all formats of the entertainment space – online/ web browser, mobile games and apps, cross platform casual games, console, mmo, gambling, social gaming, transmedia, serious games, games publishing, monetisation – is reflected in Interactive Selection winning the Best Service Provider Award 2013 from UK game developer trade association, TIGA.

Our long term relationships with tens of thousands in our sector means that we can quickly deliver to you a selection of the most qualified applicants. Contact David Smith, MD today on david AT interactiveselection DOT com!

A short update on the state of the Australian Gaming Industry

A short documentary about the independent Australian gaming industry. Made for ‘Opening Shot’ competition for ABC2.

Meet Australian developer Firemonkeys making Real Racing 3

The Firemonkeys are a combination of two of the world’s leading mobile development studios – Iron Monkey and Firemint. These two renowned studios in Melbourne have reputations for producing innovative, high quality games and have been working under the same roof since 2011. United, Firemonkeys is now Australia’s largest game development studio.

The two studios have entertained over 50 million players in 2012 alone with award-winning titles including the Flight Control, SPY mouse and Real Racing games from Firemint, along with Mass Effect Infiltrator, Dead Space and The Sims FreePlay from Iron Monkey. As a combined studio, Firemonkeys will now be focused on creating even more stellar games through the sharing of technology, experience, and resources

A look at the game’s unique time-shifted multiplayer with Australian developer Firemonkeys.

Game Developer Diary from 2K Games in Canberra who have been working on XCOM

During the first XCOM Dev Diary, leads from 2K Marin including Jonathan Pelling, Lead Designer based in Canberra, dive into the background of the game’s origin story, the creation of XCOM as an organization and gives gamers a tour of the base. 2K Games is an Interactive Selection client and can make the introduction for you.

New job roles in video games in Australia - Art, Animation, Programming & Design

Interactive Selection are pleased to be able to announce some new roles for 2 clients. One client in Canberra requires need two senior programmers with UE3 experience. They have a very strong preference for an AI programmer with Kismet experience for one of those, and the other they are looking for a genuine senior generalist for both Engine and Gameplay programming.

Our second new client is building a team for a yet unannounced console project in Sydney. They seek talented, games industry professionals with at least 6 years of industry experience and 2 shipped, AAA console or PC titles. Some more details on specific roles follow.

Lead Animator
The Lead Animator or Animation Director will be responsible for both in-game and cut-scene animation, managing the animation team and maintaining an exception quality of animation. The successful candidate will have had experience of running motion capture shoots and managing outsourcing of some animation.
Lead Engine Programmer
The Lead Engine Programmer is a hands on, technical role that will manage a small team of engine programmers, but concentrate on pushing the technical possibilities of the platform. A background in implementing R&D would be an advantage for this role. Multiplatform experience is required.
Lead Artist
The Lead Artist or Art Manager is the manager responsible for as many as 25 artist in the Art team. This role will encompass team management, scheduling and delivering. A good understanding of art tools and art processes is required as is the need to maintain the highest levels of art quality.
Senior Games Designer
The Senior Games Designer report to the Lead Designer and will take responsibility for owning key aspects of the game. Previous experience on 3rd person action adventure titles at AAA title level is required.
Senior Engine Programmer
The Senior Engine Programmer will design, implement and maintain low level software systems. You will have a strong mathematics background ( linear algebra, vector maths) and an excellent understanding of game engine fundamentals and multi-threaded software architecture. Multiple platform experience (PC, Xbox360 and PS3) is highly desirable.
Senior Gameplay Programmer
The Senior Gameplay Programmer will design, implement and maintain data-driven software systems. Reporting to the Lead Gameplay Programmer this role will own the technical implementation of large gameplay features. It will also evaluate and suggest viable strategies for implementing design request and document gameplays systems and assist designers in learning new features.

Other roles include a Senior Technical Artist and Senior Character Artist.

If you are interested in more details for any of these roles, please contact David Smith at Interactive Selection on jobs AT interactiveselection DOT com.

Hannah Crosby, Game Character Artist, speaks to Women in Games Jobs

Hannah Crosby, Australian Character Artist with Microsoft Rare, met with Antonia Cullum of Women in Games Jobs at the Develop Conference in Brighton, UK. Her advice on the qualities needed seeking a job in the games industry. “I think persistence; there are sometimes a limited number of roles, especially in character art out there so you might need to be prepared to go into a slightly different role. I started out in environment art even though character art is what I wanted to get into. There are a lot more roles in environment art, so sometimes you need to get into a parallel role or into a similar industry. Basically doing your own work. If you go as an artist and having a portfolio of art you can present that shows you know how to do this stuff and that you’re passionate about it and do it on your own time.”

Sega Creative Assembly - Behind the Scenes from Australian Gamer

Austalian Gamer took a short tour of the Sega Creative Assembly studio in Brisbane, Australia. Developers of Medieval II: Total War and the Kingdoms expansion, General Manager George Fidler also talks about their next project on the next gen consoles.

GCAP 2010 is at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, Thursday 14 - Friday 15 October.

The Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) event is Australia’s premier game development conference, focusing specifically on skills development, addressing industry trends and international business matching.

The Game Developers’ Association of Australia (GDAA), a not-for-profit industry representative organisation, runs and owns the conference.
GCAP 2010 will deliver thought provoking, creative and innovative topics covering programming, art, design and more from leaders in game development.
Game developers, publishers, investors, educational institutions, media, distributors and key interactive industry players from across Australia and around the world will be in attendance.

The expressed aims of GCAP 2010 include:

•Improving the core skills of Australian game developers via a series of keynote speeches and lectures from leading local and international industry experts.
•Creating greater awareness of global industry trends to ensure informed commercial decisions by Australian game development companies.
•Encouraging greater interaction and coordination between industry and educational institutions offering or developing a game development curriculum.
•Providing business matching opportunities by securing a substantial international publisher presence.
•Providing government information forums to discuss industry needs and direction.
•Attracting private equity investors to meet with industry participants.

Game Developers – Why Attend GCAP 2010?

Affordable Price: The conference is affordable and aimed at attracting studio staff from all over Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Quality Content: The program is designed for developers and delivered by developers with expertise across a range of key areas.

Additional Benefits: In addition, the conference will provide an opportunity for:

•Networking with peers, publishers, investors, media, etc.
•Developing outsourcing/strategic alliances and partnerships.
•Recruitment and attraction of new talent.

Look out for Anne Marie Anetts from Interactive Selection who is introducing a number of the non techical GCAP sessions. You can reach her on annemarie (at)